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21 January 2008 @ 11:43 am
Rambling, and a question on meds  

I've never posted to anything before but I had a couple things I wanted to put out there. I really like the fact that there is a group of people that know what it is like to be a woman dealing with being bipolar. I don't get to go to the meetings a lot but when I have I really found them helpful.  And like I said it is great to know there are people that know what I deal with. Because it's not just about being bipolar. it's about dealing with the difficulties of life and ALL that goes along with it! Throw an illness that screws with your rationality, among other things and you've got a whole other mess to manage.

 I also wanted to ask how many other women are on an anti-depressant. My doctor recently put me back on one. To make a long story short, the last one I was on threw me into a psychotic episode. So, here I am nervous and depressed and on 2 mood stabilizers. The thing is that I have always been on an anti-depressant. From before I was even diagnosed as bipolar. So, it makes sense, but as I said I'm a little nervous. The doc assured me that there were MANY other bipolar suffers out there that were on one but as we all know they don't always know everything. Anyway....any comments on this would be appreciated. 

Thanks for letting me ramble.

"I Swim Outside the Fish Bowl"vixen on August 10th, 2008 08:36 am (UTC)
I'm on two anti-depressants & could not live without the help of anti-depressants. I'm diagnosed Bipolar II, ADD, PTSD,& High Anxiety.

I take:
150mg Wellbutrin
300mg Effexor XR
200mg Lamictal
20mg Adderal
1mg Ativan as needed (rarely take)
2mg Ativan for sleep every night

I'm so sorry for answering this so late. I went into the hospital the day after you posted this. I've been in and out 13 weeks since January 22nd.

Let me know how you are doing.